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Newlinks services has considerable experience in delivering quality language training for the business world and offers alternative routes for you to develop your language skills for business situations

Our tailor-made Italian language training is carefully designed to meet individual learning needs and to develop language skills relevant to your job and business.

An assessment of your needs and an evaluation of your objectives establishes the best route for you.

One-to-one Flexible Learning – you fix a regular time for your language learning session with the flexibility to rearrange to fit in with your business commitments.

One-to-one Intensive Learning – if you need to achieve as much progress as possible in a short period of time you can take full days of training either as a week-long programme or individual training days.

Company Group Learning – if there are a number of people in your company with similar training needs a group course can offer a motivating and cost-effective option. You can arrange a programme with a fixed weekly session or an intensive route where the group comes together for intensive days of training.


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