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Why we do what we do best

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We are a group of people of different nationalities and previous career paths, united in realizing a society aligned with our vision. Living in India for a good number of years has given us insights into the nuances of local culture and languages. Our command of English and our respective languages of origin is enriched by our vast experience in the field of translation and interpretation. 

Who we are

A society more united, more integral, without barriers or discrimination: that was, and still remains, our vision. It has always been our goal to help build such reality, helping people to communicate and understand one another.

The biggest challenge today is the cultural disconnect. Any language is conditioned by culture. Familiarity or even just a partial knowledge of any culture becomes an essential factor in transmitting information the right way.

Knowing the language of the other proves to be another valuable aspect in this process. However, there is also the fear of making mistakes, the risk of not being able to express concepts or manners of speaking that could not be translated literally. 


That is where we at Newlinks come in. 

Real time interpretation or translation during a business meeting. Italian, spanish, french, german, portuguese
Our methodology
live translations during a group meeting where staff is from different cultural backgrounds

Beyond profit, this profession allows us to work to build the society of our dreams, where everyone is equal. It helps us connect people by facilitating communication, assisting those who desire to be in contact with another person and culture. In this way, we help people achieve their goals, be it studying abroad or joining their spouses in starting a new chapter in their career and life in general. 

We share the same vision with our clients, and we engage them in the endeavour, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. We believe in the importance of a work that puts the person at its core. Therefore, for us, our relationship with our clients is very crucial, along with the empathy that it requires. We try to see things from their perspective, putting ourselves in their shoes in a way that they feel understood and valued. 

Human relationship is essential, even just in replying to an email requesting for a quotation. In time, our relationship with our clients goes way beyond business. Looking forward to the current pandemic getting over soon, we expect a steady increase in opportunities -- new links -- that go along with globalization towards a world ever more integrated and connected.



Our values
Meet our clients

Delroy Bosco

IRIS Business Services Limited

The quality of translation is very good, our clients have been able to learn Carbon using the Italian user guides which have been provided to them. It is very encouraging to know that the User Guides and Translation of the platform has been really good, especially considering the fact that translation plays a key part in the overall Italian outreach.

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